Accelerate Your Business With
Real Time Data & Analytics

We help businesses design, build and run advanced Data and Analytics solutions based on Clickhouse, the fastest open-source database in the market.

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Work With The Experts In Clickhouse & Real Time Analytics

We help our clients gain a real-time view of what is happening in their business in order to grow revenues, reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve their customer experience.

We focus exclusively on Clickhouse, the fastest open-source database in the market, using it as the engine for data platforms with requirements for big data, low latency and complex analytics.

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Your Partner In Real-Time Data & Analytics Technology

We work with our customers to build and manage their real-time analytics stacks, including their Clickhouse instance, data integration pipelines, stream processors, analytics suites and frontend applications.

Our service is particularly suited to startups and scaleups, who we help to deploy powerful data and analytics capabilities whilst building a technology platform that supports their future ambitions.

Our Services
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Plan and architect your Clickhouse deployment and real-time data stack based on your analytics requirements and data landscape.

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Deploy the end-to-end tooling, pipelines, analytics and applications to turn business data into business value.

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24x7 Support, proactive monitoring and ongoing enhancements of your data technology and analytics suites.

Real-Time Analytical Applications Powered By Clickhouse and EnsembleJS

Dashboards are too slow and low-code tools are too inflexible. With this in mind, we created and build applications with EnsembleJS, a React based development framework for building real-time analytical web and mobile applications.

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Why Clickhouse ?
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We help businesses design, build and run advanced Data and Analytics platforms based on Clickhouse.

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